KAiKU Product Family

KAiKU Products utilises sensor technology developed by the R&D group of Taction Enterprises in Finland (Jyväskylä). 

KAiKU Products are developed to be used in rehabilitation (physiotherapy, music therapy), music technology (midi controller, looper), and special education, to be mentioned only a few fields in which our technology can be applied.

The foundation of Taction Enterprises is built on the evolution of tactile or haptic technology.


 By embracing our analog sense of touch , we can revolutionize the way we receive information, interact with complex technology and enhance the way we connect to the world and with one another.


 With our patented technology we have the ability to become the world leader in sensor technology applications, smart clothing and tactile devices, systems and applications. 

Electrically conductive
surfaces act as touch sensors
with wires connected to an electronic micro
controller unit.


​A capacitive touch
sensor responds to
the proximity and touch
of a conductor such as
the human body.


​The smart software algorithm processes the signal and
forwards it wirelessly.

Our sensor technology can be embedded into many surfaces, such as clothes, floors, walls, furnitures etc. 



Taction Enterprises

Taction Enterprises was
founded in 2016. 
We specialize in developing
smart sensor technology
combined with hardware
and software creation. 


 We pride ourselves on
providing a unique
experiences to
our customers. 


First we focused on developing sensitive sensors for musical purposes. After finding excellent technological solution, we have focused on adapting our technology into rehabilitation uses cases. 


In our latest KAiKU products we have combined our strong expertise in music and wellbeing by developing new and innovative solutions for rehabilitation, physiotherapy and music therapy. 



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